Berserkers. Champion Norse warriors who entered battle bare-chested and without armour.

In Norse legends, to “go berserk” was to “hamask” which translates as ‘change form’. Those who changed form by entering berserkergang were considered ‘hamrammr’ or ‘shapestrong’. Described as undergoing drastic physical transformation these warriors could literally shape-shift into a bear’s form thus gaining their strength.

Berserker Supplement’s aim is to support you with nutritional supplements best fitted to help you ‘go berserk’ and achieve your bodybuilding goals.

It’s fair to say that bodybuilding has taken a wrong turn. Today it differs from the yesteryear’s sculpture-like athletes. Supplements and nutrition played some part in this change. It seems that people forgot how the old-school stars used milk, eggs, beef liver and, of course, hard work to deliver great results without endangering the health. That’s why we decided to start our own supplements brand. We mix a traditional approach with cutting edge science to create supplements that deliver and are beneficial for overall health.

Sports nutrition is a great responsibility. It’s one we approach with all due seriousness.

Our ingredient selection process is rigorous. That’s your assurance of two things:

1. That what goes into our products is of the highest quality
2. The results they’ll yield

We stay on top of the latest research to ensure you’ll get only the safe and effective products that will help you achieve your goals.

Berserker Team